Friday, January 8, 2016

Video: BBC News in 60 secs – Which countries pay ransoms for hostages?

The biggest change is the US will allow for families to pay ransoms, and not be charged. In the past all sorts of games had to be played to pay ransoms from the US. Probably a good move, but also look at Europe that actually pays from the Government for getting citizens back, they have paid over 125 million last year, and their people get taken virtually every day now. The British like the US allow payments from families, and Britten also allows Corporations to pay ransoms as well. In the US the border kidnapping has been so small change in the past, families often pay as soon as the person is taken. But this may change like the core of Mexico the price of kidnapping has gone up on the border, at least for a few. Most where in the 80 thousand dollars range of less, two recently have been for 2 million dollars, and in one case the person was not returned alive, even after the payment. When I first came down to the border area, I was amazed at how, next to Europe the kidnapping along the border was so amateurish and everything happen so fast. From kidnapping to first call is often within hours, with damage to the victim within a day, if not paid. There was very little time to even get negotiators involved, and most went with out any professional security people involved. It seems to be getting a little more formalized, perhaps some of the kidnap crews from central Mexico, who are fairly sophisticated, are being brought in to advise the border kidnappers, no one really knows.
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