Monday, January 18, 2016

Watch Sicario () online - Amazon Video

I finally have watched this movie a few times. Interesting scenario laid out here, but it has very little to do with Mexican Cartel Sicario types or even the drug war down here on the border. It is based on a revenge killer from Columbia coming to Mexico. Now here is the bad part, it is except for the beheaded bodies depicted at one point, fairly tame next to what is happening down on the border. Most of what are called Sicario's down here are usually drugged up and and drunk ex or active Police or Military. The have training, but tend to rely more on corruption to set up Kills and kidnapping. It does not take a lot of skill to have local police pull over the victims and make sure they are disarmed before giving them to the killers. The drugs and alcohol the killers use is to fortify them for the terrible atrocities they put victims through before killing them. There have been a number of books written by authors who claim to be interviewing Sicario killers who talk tho them. Having read a number of them, it looks a lot like most have talked to the same killer. Most talk about being recruited in their early 20's, many into the Police Force's for training. All the books talk about a minimum of 2 Cartel Sicario killers in every Police class for the last 10 to 20 years. Cartel Sicario killers are more and more only active on the Mexico side of the border where they can control the police better. The Cartel's are moving to a more management role in the US to include the border. They are funding and bringing in Gang Members to be enforcers, under Cartel Management. The active part is interesting in itself, often victims are kidnapped on the US side driven over to Mexico where the Cartel Killers take over. All in all their are a lot more movies and documentaries on the Cartel killing available, that are much truer to the actual activities of killers for the Cartel than this movie.
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