Wednesday, January 27, 2016

World's 50 most violent cities revealed, and 21 of them are in Brazil

This is somewhat slanted, since it came out of Mexico, which still has a lot of the most violent listed here, but there are far more dangerous in Mexico, they just do not let the numbers out to the world. Reynosa and Matamoros come to mind. They are located less that 30 miles apart and have large Golfo Cartel problems, most are in between different branches of the Cartel, or sub cartel gangs. It is interesting to note that Baltimore Md. has made it into the top 50, but if you look at crime trends even the County that is always in the top three richest counties in the USA, Montgomery County Md. has seen a large spike in gang violence. Trump will be happy to hear most of the gang violence comes from illegal immigrants that came to the USA with Gang ties, and they just got worse. If we follow the trends of how these cities got this way, it almost always goes back to small shift, crime that went unchecked so more crime started. With the exception of a few small cities, no bunch of criminals just took over, it is a small growth like a cancer that if aloud to grow, will kill a city. Look at Acapulco, once a safe haven for tourism, that everyone said would never have these problems. But it kept growing and growing till now it is one of the Most Dangerous Cities in the world. There are no known solutions to the problem, but there are projects that show promise. We need to cultivate this projects, reject the ones not working and promote the ones that are. It makes for some tough choices but we need to get working on it now. I know it sounds naive but See Something Say Something, is a good start. The more we open up the world to see the problems, the faster the light can shine on them, and then solutions become clearer. How is that grasshopper? But it is real, it is one of the reasons we need a good solid Press, we need it all to be seen. It is always a fall back to say the Police or other Law Enforcement will solve the problems. It is not going to happen, Police can not be everywhere, they need us to point out the bad guys, we need to be the eyes and ears for all of us.
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