Thursday, February 18, 2016

300,000 American Homes Open To Hacks Of 'Unfixable' SimpliSafe Alarm

This vulnerability is real, and needs to be addressed, by both the company and its users. Please read where virtually every Internet based or accessible alarm is vulnerable to these types of attacks. Not to bring this problem into the conspiracy theory level, but every alarm system ever made can be beaten, given enough time, and resources. These new IP based alarms are perhaps a little more vulnerable, but every thing in your home or office, that is IP accessible, especially wireless IP, brings more vulnerability. Before you throw out these alarm systems, increase your awareness to your security. Test, your system, you should be doing this anyhow. Very large companies have CTI conduct tests of there systems at least yearly. CTI has found everything thing from alarm contacts on company safes bypassed, so they always show secure, too alarm sensors painted over so they never detected anything. The alarm contact bypass was done by the companies very large alarm company. A simple bypass was done for one evening till the service tech, could return the next day to replace the contact. He was involved in a car accident and a DWI that night, fired while still in the hospital, and the contact was not replaced for 4 years. On the painted over sensor, it was a simple office repainting, three years before that covered the sensor. This is all too say test your system periodically. If your alarm system is doing strange things, test it. If you can open a Window and the alarm system doesn't detect it then your system may have been compromised, or stopped working. Do the same with the alarm readout. If you are randomly, periodically, testing your system the bad guys will have to be worried about you catching them. Can they still get you, yes, but if I want to beat any alarm system, I can. So CTI's recommendation is to test any alarm system, if you don't know how, contact a Security Specialist, not your alarm company to test it, and show you how to. Would I buy a Simply Safe alarm, probably not till they fix the problems, but remember Microsoft has to fix problems on almost a daily basis, so any fix, still needs to be tested regularly.
from CTI Consulting

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