Friday, February 19, 2016

Aggravated Robbery - Stripes Near Edinburg - YouTube

We need to get these guys off the street, perfect work for Facebook followers. The guys are wearing masks, but do not stress on recognizing the faces, look at the way they move, we tend to think we need to see faces to recognize people. Tests have shown it is more a validation, we recognize people by the way they move, and to some extent the way they talk and move together. So look at the video, and just watch the way they move. Then turn away from the video, and listen to them talk. Now go back and watch the way they move together, run it a few times. If you know them it will come to you. We need to get this in front of as many people that we can. Social media is becoming a major way to find and get these bad guys off the streets. In Maryland last month a face book post helped capture a gang of burglers. Once the one person was identified by a face book post, the police quickly wrapped up a 7 person gang of Burglers and arrests where made and a lot of the stolen items identified.
from CTI Consulting

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