Thursday, February 11, 2016

Cal/OSHA Proposes Workplace Violence Prevention Standards in Health Care | Jackson Lewis

As Of July 1, 2016 California OSHA has proposed a number of standards, that will effect Hospitals, as of now there are no Federal OSHA standards for Workplace Violence Prevention Standards, but this California Standard was pushed by the Labor Unions of Healthcare workers, and will probably in some way make it into the National Standards. For those of you working Health Care Security in California, this is something you really need to prepare for. It is going to provide a huge liability for all Health Care Facilities, one that is going to be very expensive to mitigate. I would expect to see these standards as part of legal actions in Health Care Facilities as soon as they go into effect in California, since when there is no standard, they legal system usually uses what is available. It could actually be used in any Work Place Violence situation as a reasonable standard for use. The reasonable part will be established as the cases in California start to be pushed through the Courts. For all of us these standards need be analysed for ways we can put them into action. The last debate on this Standard was late last year, so I do not expect a lot of changes before it goes into effect. This Standard says we in the Security Industry have what amounts to security solutions for all workplace violence.
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