Monday, February 22, 2016

Camden Police Warn Of Kidnapping Phone Scam « CBS Philly

These scams normally are targeted against communities of immigrants, and often illegal immigrants, people that do not trust the Police. Where Camden Police have chosen to go public with this scam, many communities effected do not. This type of scam happens along the border towns with Mexico constantly, but normally are not even reported to police. CTI has worked these scams with clients from the Rio Grand Valley to Chicago. CTI always points out that if the FBI is called, they can advise them, that these scams usually come in waves of hundreds, hitting entire cities. Normally if the scam is not paying off well, they up the game to actually do some basic surveillance and or social media investigations to provide the victim with more personal information that substantiates the fact that they are actually working up the kidnapping. Still the scam stays the same, you are directed to pay up and quickly, before you can figure out it is a scam. You need to advise members of your community that are at risk. So far CTI has found this type of scam being used in virtually any immigrant communities. For the scam to work, people have to be ignorant of the way the scam works. It often targets families that do not speak English well, they are even less likely to report the scam. It is not just Latino communities that are targeted, Russian, Chinese even African immigrant communities have been targeted as well. Russian scams often use family members back in the home countries have been taken. Since this does often happen with Russian immigrants for real, it works pretty well. The best way to combat this problem is to let as many people know as possible. It only works if you think it is only happening to you.
from CTI Consulting

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