Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Conversation: The Long History of KGB Retribution

Stratfor is one of my go to companies for Intel and background on incidents we see around the world. This is a brief video of some highlights of KGB Retribution, which carries on today under a different name. There are many more incidents that are still classified, and probably will remain so, some are referenced in writings from former KGB operatives, but they only know about the ones they either heard of or had something to do with. Reading a lot of them, a few appear to be figments of just stories that had gotten retold a number of times. But a lot have at least a basis in truth. I was at a meeting on chemical and biological attacks in DC a few years ago, and met with some Russians, former Soviets that sat with me and talked of some of their programs. Most where a lot like the US programs, they were more ideas than actual developed programs. Some were beyond dangerous to them selves as well as what to who they wanted to attack. One was a simple air wick type room deodorizer that was plugged in and then would melt the wax protective shield, and start the vapor in the room. We talked about it and found they also could not find a way to safely use it. If they would have ever thought of using it. It is also true that the Soviets did use and it looks like still use radioactive powders and even chunks of metal to kill, mainly their own people. But with this said, reviewing a number of Nuclear sites in Russia, they have such a waste control problem that many could just have breathed in enough vaporized radioactive waste to make everything from Scientist to Security at the sites sick. Add to that the just accidents the Soviets have had over the years, makes for a lot of stories of them attacking their own people. I would believe any of those large scale attacks ended with the death of Stalin. If you get a chance visit the Spy Museum in DC, it shows both other countries spy gear as well as some of our own. It is well worth the visit.
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