Monday, February 8, 2016

Narco Negotiations Blamed for Mexico Birthday Party Massacre

These types of Narco Negotiations are necessary for progress to be made, but conducting them at a Child's Birthday Party does not sound like a good move. It certainly backfired in this case. 9 people died and nothing was accomplished, It does not bode well for what is looking to be a very violent spring and summer. Cartels bottom lines have been effected by same economic conditions the world is facing. To include the down turn in Oil prices. Cartels have to make budgets as well as everyone else, and with lower income, they face the same management problems. Expansion is part of business, it makes room for people to move up in the ranks. Some are breaking out into new businesses like extortion on the US side of the border as well as extended kidnapping, others are expanding into new markets, with Europe and all of Russia. A new cost cutting move by Mexico's Cartels are to give Russian Mafia's more access in Mexico to drugs, with them taking on the costs of smuggling and distribution of drugs. This was pretty much the way Mexico took over a lot of the Colombian Cartels costs years past. But in the case of the Russian deals, they are if possible even more violent than the Mexican Cartels, and we can all expect large spikes of violence as this new system shakes. out.
from CTI Consulting

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