Friday, February 5, 2016

Tactical Pen: Mightier Than The Sword

I am not sure they are mightier than a sword, but they might give you the edge you need in getting out of a jam. So far hearing from students they have passed the TSA not being taken tests around the USA, but I would be careful. kubotan's are the closest weapon to these I can think, of but it takes a bit of training to use one even somewhat effectively. Using the Pen as a poking and jabbing weapon is usually the best you are going to get. There are some pressure point's you can use them on, but I would stick with using these to just add to your close quarters, get away moves. Although hand and finger pressure points and jabs are quite effective as well. Yawara stick started life as a religious artifact known as a Vajra or Dorge. but many times gets mixed in with the Kubotan, and many of the pressure points and strikes are close to being the same, to the point they are often taught as being the same thing. Others will tell you how different they are, yawara sticks I am familiar with are more molded in shape for the hand, where Kubotans are usually straight. In any case and edge any edge in a fight, that may allow you to escape an attacker is good by me. In any case a tactical pen can put you in the right mindset for awareness and defense.
from CTI Consulting

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