Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Staggering Death Toll of Mexico's Drug War

The US has to recognize what is going on South of our Border. Deaths in Mexico's drug war have topped those in both Afghanistan and Iraq combined in the last few years. Add to that the equal number just missing and never seen again, it doubles. The USA has to get over this myth that it is our fault for buying the drugs from Mexico, and sending guns back down. It is just that a myth, the vast majority of it's guns come from Mexico itself, and drugs come in as needed to the USA, Columbia did and does, Afghanistan did and does, France and Italy did and does. The AK-47 and it's variants used so much in Mexico come from overseas directly to Mexico, as well as from the rest of South and Central America. Both the Russians and now the Russians and Chinese dump over a hundred thousand cheap AK's into South and Central America to keep fermenting violence in the region. They are cheap and easy to maintain so teams in the region do not have to keep them clean, they just dump them and get another. Now up along the border the Mid to high level Cartel members can afford the expense of weapons for them selves as well as some of their members. But at a cost of over two to three thousand for a simple AK-47, over the one to max 200 dollars spent for them from South America, well you do the math. T The other little secret the Mexican Govt. does not tell anyone is the three for sure, up to 12 gun factories operating in Mexico. Yes there is only one official gun store in Mexico, but they make a lot of weapons and bullets to go with them. H&K has sued Mexico over the royalty checks they should be getting. The reason the Mexican Govt is making at least double the amount of weapons they pay royalty for. Mexico keeps them at bay by buying weapons for Police and Military directly from H&K when the law suites get to close to going to trial. Mexico also has it's own weapons design for manufacture. They sell a knock off of a large H&K rifle, once again H&K was going to sue, till they saw the short cuts, the Mexican Govt. had made to the manufacture of the knock off, they made the weapon so dangerous, H&K did not even want to be associated with it. (the weapon is so dangerous, Mexico only uses them for ceremonials) The also make a small machine pistol, that can be full auto, they are on version 3, it is good enough that they are starting to be seen in LA and New York used by street gangs affiliated with the Cartels. So USA if that will help your guilt Mexico is exporting weapons to the USA as well now days. Here is another little secret for most of the Cartels drugs are not the main money source now days, everything from human trafficking, to CD counterfeits make up the majority of sales, when you add in the sale of Oil thefts, and kidnapping and extortion, drugs are becoming more of a sideline.
from CTI Consulting http://ift.tt/1TvKaHN

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