Thursday, February 18, 2016

With all the talk of Hacking Alarm systems CTI would like to suggest you have them tested regularly.

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 You want a firm that will not expose you to liability, but still insure your system is doing what you need it to do. If you have a contract with an alarm company, the contract also needs to be reviewed to insure they are providing the services you are paying for.

CTI also does this auditing or testing, of Access Control Systems as well as CCTV and Physical Security like locks, lights and other associated Security Systems. Periodically having your Guard Contracts audited or reviewed is also a good practice. Just reviewing what you contracted for training and what the guards get is very valuable.

In to many cases CTI is brought in after and incident, and simple things like contacts that do not work, or locks that have gone bad, or even quick hires for the guard force that do not have the proper training can expose you to legal liability. For instance a CCTV system that has not been working or is not showing the needed picture because of an exterior light that is out is quickly fixed, but only if you check your system regularly.

CTI has conducted Access Control System Audits that have found fired employee's still gaining access. In one case it was due to a system failure that required it to use it's backup data. The four fired individuals did not get deleted from the back up systems and when in came back on line their access to the building was granted. After they had stolen computers and other equipment, and investigation was started, during the time of the internal investigation, a rape occurred. Now the building has opened itself up for a negligent security court case.

Inspections or audits will not always stop these things from happening, but can help limit your exposure and protect you, your stall, and your clients. Give us a call, we can give you a quick quote for conducting what ever service you need.

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