Thursday, March 10, 2016

American Mother Jailed in Mexico After Leading a Militia Against Cartels May Be Freed | VICE News

It is unfortunate, but this is the only way Mexico can be taken back from the cartels, since the Government of Mexico will not. A lot of good people will lose their lives to save Mexico, but in the end it will be how Mexico saves itself. Our hat's are off to this brave lady. Each City that is taken back, and left alone by the Federal forces, who usually come in and take the weapons from the Citizens, the City will be the shining light for other cities to follow. Once a State is taken back, that State will be the shining light for the other States of Mexico. It can happen, the Federal forces need to stay out of it, let these Citizens take down the cartels, but more importantly take back their cities. The Government can try and help by cracking down on the cartels in areas that the Citizens are not standing up for themselves, but leave these Citizens of Mexico alone.
from CTI Consulting

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