Friday, March 25, 2016

Brussels attacks suicide bombers 'targeted nuclear plants' and were plotting to build 'radioactive dirty bomb' - Mirror Online

Ok, what have we learned here, it is important: Teams of Security Specialists need to conduct a risk assessment of every Nuclear Site for Pre Attack surveillance, to include the remote video camera used against the Director of the Brussels plant. Dirty bombs are but one of the plans these attackers could have had for the plant. Sabotage to make it malfunction is another. The key here is that the surveillance was not detected. We really need to get better at this, Training the Security Staff at the plants is a start, training the neighbors, the mailman, the delivery guys, the taxi and but drivers in the area is where we want to be with this. FEMA has a quick 1 hour course every security guard, body guard, and American should take. The purpose of this course is to make critical infrastructure employees and service providers aware of actions they can take to detect and report suspicious activities associated with adversarial surveillance.
from CTI Consulting

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