Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Cartel Firefight near Texas Border Kills 10

This just after McAllen (the largest US city near this incident) made a big point of meeting with the Mexican officials and jointly stating how crime was down on both sides of the border, and that it was safer than ever to do business in Reynosa. The gunfire could be heard in Texas, and although no one reported bullets striking this side, at times it was well with in range of Texas homes and people. An official Mexican report of 10 killed would normally indicate the death toll was at least double, and they were not able to hide the 3-hour gun battle ranging all over the city. Cartel pulled blocking actions, using cars, often set on fire to impede police pursuit. Tires where also set on fire, sometime to block roads, other times to show other Cartel members rally points and escape routes. Having worked in the Gaza strip, I can say it rarely gets this bad over there. There really needs to be some action taken by the USA to make our citizens safer.
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