Friday, March 25, 2016

EXCLUSIVE – Top Jihadist Claims Islamic State Has Agents Working in Western Airports

I would have to think that this is true, we have had a number of instances of Islamic Jihadist's working even making plans at our airports, subway systems, and other possible targets. One individual actually worked to get an airport badge that allowed him access to the airport tarmac and had a vehicle loaded with what he thought were explosives going to set it off under a jet bridge at a medium sized airport in the Midwest, luckily the FBI was the supplier of the explosive materials, and had kept him under survallance since he had broached the plan to a known Jihadist on line. We all need to keep an eye on the folks around us, in this case even his son was concerned about his Islamic conversion and his new found views on Jihad. This threat is not going to go away overnight, and bad guys will find other reasons to kill people even after ISIS is gone, if it ever is really gone. Security Awareness is out best defense.
from CTI Consulting

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