Thursday, March 24, 2016

Explosives will be key clue in Brussels investigation -

Looking for the bomb makers, it is possible with just a little training to find them, before an attack. As in all security awareness we look for anomalies. ISIS bomber Zazi was just such an anomaly, as he was a dark-haired, bearded Afghan-American man in his 20s who bought six bottles of Clairoxide hair bleach during one shopping trip at a store in a Denver suburb. Zazi returned to the store a month later and purchased another dozen bottles of Ms. Kay Liquid, which is also a peroxide-based hair bleach. with which he was making TATP to use on New York subways. He was caught becaues he could not remember the exact amounts of chemicals needed for the explosive, and emailed a known ISIS terrorist for help. Interesting is that the bomb Makers hair in Brussels apparently was a few shades lighter since he was dealing with Hydrogen Peroxide, often the main ingredients of hair dye products. So add that to your, something that looks suspect, list. Hair coloring is changing lighter, bald guys like me would be hard to tell. The fumes from making the TATP can be dangerous as well as make you mildly to very sick at times. Another point to your , something that looks suspect, list, they take frequent brakes to take in fresh air. FEMA has an online course for wholesale and retail works on what to look for in the buying practices of individuals at their stores. IS-912: Retail Security Awareness: Understanding the Hidden Hazards, it is highly recommended that store owners take this course, and have as many folks they employ take it as well. The Terrorists are hidden among us and this is how we find them out before and event happens.
from CTI Consulting

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