Thursday, March 10, 2016

First on CNN: U.S. plans to publicly blame Iran for dam cyber breach -

This happen a few years ago, but it is interesting that just now our Government is speaking out. The operational parts of the dam, have apparently done what is recommended and kept their systems off the network hooked up the the internet. Many Agencies and Companies are trying to separate their security networks from the administrative networks that are connected to the internet. This is one of the first tests CTI does when analyzing security networks, or firms or even Government agencies. Attacks can still be successful, as rumored Israel USA attack on the Iran Nuclear bomb program. That attack hit the computers at the Iran sites that where connected to the internet and then infected flash drives, so that when data from the internet connected computers was hand carried over to the secure network, the flash drives contaminated the security Nuclear network. That code is now out there in the wild, and can be used against us in the USA as well.
from CTI Consulting

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