Saturday, March 26, 2016

Guard at ‘terror target’ Belgian nuclear site killed, access badge stolen – media — RT News

This is why reporting badges stolen or lost is so important. TSA is often bad mouthed because they have such a low tolerance to people that do not report lost or stolen badges. It can be the keys to the system. Even a bag handler at an airport has a lot of access to critical areas of airports as do Security Guards, maintenance workers and others. How about other targets like malls, have you lost any badges for back areas of the mall, Court Houses, your business. Every time CTI has been called in to audit a businesses card access system, at minimum over 5% can not be accounted for. When we check to see if the card has been used, about 2% of the time we see times they have been used to get into the building, usually after hours and involved in some loss to the business. Hospitals have been targeted a lot, because of the ability to get into areas where drugs or personal property can be stolen. Want to stop bad guys, do an audit on the expensive access control system you installed, after the audit, see if any of the cards that are not supposed to be active, have been used. One of the biggest issues CTI has seen was when an access control system fails or is brought down for Maintenance, back up data has been used to bring the system back up. Any badge deletions down recently usually have not made it to the back up data. In one case for a small medical building, 20 badges not recovered by taken out of the system when people where fired or down sized, came back into the system after a crash of the access control system. Two former employee's figured out their badges where working again, and started stealing everything from drugs to computers and printers from the facility. It will take a few hours to conduct the audit, and CTI would strongly suggest you use a third party, since the access control company you are using will probably not report negative events on themselves, there is too much liability involved for them.
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