Friday, March 25, 2016

How Islamic Jihad Hacked Israel’s Drones - The Daily Beast

This has been going on for years, even the Mexican Drug Cartels are hacking or more precisely watching the video feeds from our drones. Here is one to think about, so is the American Govt. watching the video feeds of the few but growing drones the Cartels are using. I am not sure if the Palestinian had just watched the video feed, that he could have been arrested. But they again just having the electronic equipment to do it is illegal in the Gaza Strip. Although I am not sure this guy was in the strip. Once you know the video feed frequency, capturing the video is not all that hard. If you buy a rf video receiver from a hobby shop and just move around with it, I am pretty sure you would come up with someone's video feed fairly soon. If you have say an Icom receiver, price about a thousand bucks and run the receiver into a video monitor, you should be able to get a lot of video to look at. The bigger problem now days is the IP video cameras we all seem to be buying, there is one web site on line that you can go to and view over 9 thousand video cameras all over the world, if you purchase a pass to the web site they will allow you to down load the software to gain access to even more video feeds on the Internet. Most are from people that have installed cameras with out any protection, like a simple password on them. It maybe up to millions the site has available at this point, you get to pick the type of camera you want to see, factories, homes, doctors offices, federal agencies. Then narrow the search down to specific areas or towns in the world. Back to the Israel story, every Government has the capability to do this type of video capture, when Qaddafi was on the run in Libya they showed some of his spying capability, it really was pretty awesome, but one piece caught my attention and that was an Icom receiver hooked up to a monitor, hmm. But the Mexican Cartels have been doing it for years as well. Their tech lived in McAllen Texas for years and ran a business selling communications equipment, he had over 500 cameras they had installed and access to another 1000 or so that the Mexican Police and even some from the USA Law Enforcement, operating on both sides of the border. Most of his stuff was IP based and readily available over the internet. He aso ran their data and radio communications HUB as well. Most of his work was for the Zeta's but was farmed out to other Cartels as needed. His office or business still exists in McAllen, he is in the witness protection program it is rumored.
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