Thursday, March 24, 2016

FEMA Courses You Can Take Online

If you have 45 min or less today, you can go online and take this very good FEMA course, take the test and wait (if you pass) a few minutes for them to email you the certificate. FEMA has over 100 courses that you can take to make you and yours safer and more secure. You can talk about it, or you can do something about it. 

Some courses take up to a few hours, most less than two, and you can gain great knowledge in Active Shooter situations, Work Place Violence situations, even how to detect Surveillance by Terrorists and other bad guys. Our you can complain about how no one is doing anything about these Terrorists. Plus if you are looking or a job, or to advance in the job you have, you will have certified courses under your belt that you can add to your resume or even your Linked In page. Or, you can sit back and complain about how your life has stalled. It is all up to you!
Rich Roth via CTI Consulting

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