Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What Happens During an Explosion

Remember when an explosion happens, the potential for damage or injury from fragmentation is significant. In the Brussels attacks there are reports that nails had been added to the bombs. The other threat is coming from the ceiling, mainly signs and even the ceiling tiles and frame can become a secondary fragmentation danger. As you can see from the video and pictures available so far, the bombs did not do an immense amount of structural damage. Walls are still standing, even kiosks are standing in the general area around the bomb. The subway car had a lot more damage, but it was a smaller and more contained area where the bomb went off.

The fact is that even with a shortened setup time frame, it will probably take other terrorist cells working in the USA a few days to a few weeks to be able to mount an attack. This is when effective security is needed the most - and in fact you can be the critical piece of our security. The terrorists are always moving to target points and conducting surveillance prior to any attack, and this pre-attack mode is when they are easiest to detect.

Rich Roth via CTI Consulting http://ift.tt/1pZMCx6

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