Friday, March 25, 2016

IS-914: Surveillance Awareness: What You Can Do

So another lunch hour lost, but another FEMA course taken, this one has really been upgraded since the last time I took it. Once again preparing for a class I am teaching. Surveillance Awareness is critical to our safety and security. With what is taught in this short class, you will be able to detect stalkers, terrorists, drug cartels, even purse snatchers and other violet criminals. You should be able to detect robbers hanging around your home, office, or vehicle checking out what they can steal and when. Everyone in the USA should take this course, it will make us all safer, and our friends and loved ones as well.
via CTI Consulting

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  1. Being able to detect the bad guys watching you or others in your day, is critical to all our safety. This course is actually better than a lot of ones Police Departments give to us Citizens, it is on a par with what they are taught.
    One of the key points in the course is to continually apply what your have learned in practice during your day to day activities. Like when you go to the Mall, look around see if you can pick up suspect or not normal activity. As you practice your mind starts to better define things around you out of the normal, and will do it often in the background of your mind. So that you get those little pin pricks of intuition that says something is going on that I need to pay attention to.