Friday, March 25, 2016

Two suspects named in Mission shooting; victim identified - The Monitor: Local News

The guy in this picture is crossing into Mexico after shooting to death a person in Mission Tx. He had an accomplice in another vehicle who has been charged on weapons violations, but if he makes bail, he will be the next picture of a person going into Mexico. Now the shooting happen a few miles from my Home in Tx and the crossing this guy is using in the picture is less than 4 miles from my home. Since they shot, it is thought another drug dealer, it is no big deal here. But if you had driven up on the shooting and witnessed it, then they shot you, then it may actually become another cross border violence problem, that the local City Fathers tell people just does not happen. You talk about ISIS, here is a Drug Cartel carrying out a hit in the USA, and nothing is done about it. Until they formerly charge the person going back over the border, under this Administrations Policy he will not even be issued a notice to appear by our Border Patrol. This is all just nuts.
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