Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Why still terror risk, after all that security money spent?

It is a matter of diminishing returns. As we move to protect softer and softer targets, there are just not enough security staff to go around - and not enough money even if there were. We need to do two things: one, everyone needs to take part of the responsibility to find the bad guys; and two, we need to attack the terrorists at their source. President Bush made the decision to declare war on the terrorists, and any country that funded or hid them. This took away the support base from most of the terrorist groups bent on attacking the USA, and to some extent the world. When attacking the source and support to terrorists, you bring the war to them and they have to play defense, which is much harder than just choosing soft targets as they find them. We cannot protect everything from a defensive position, there are just too many targets. It takes intelligence and force to beat back this threat, and the USA must take a more proactive mindset - as politically incorrect as that may seem - to bring the terrorists to a stop.
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