Friday, April 15, 2016

Assassins stalked cartel lawyer in Southlake for two years, files say | Dallas Morning News

Here is a case study, for Law Enforcement or Security that have never been to a CTI course on recognizing Aggressive Behavior of Terrorists, Active Shooters or even in this case Assassins, you may want to at some point. Bad guys are few and far between, but they are out there around us every day. It is like when we tell clients that it is almost a sure thing that you have been close to if not have talked to a Serial Killer. Now detecting these bad guys in not as easy as just looking at them, it is more the actions they take, like conducting survallance on this target for two years. This is the type of planning that terrorists use, not often assassins, it is too much time on target. But targeting does pay off, they flew into the Dallas Ft Worth Airport, got in one or two of a number of cars they had available, watched the target go to a shopping mall, and then killed him when he came back to his car. No one, even Local or Federal Law Enforcement detected the two year surveillance of the target. Three of the team where arrest this last Friday night in McAllen and Endinburg Texas, just a few miles from the border. Two are a father son team of Monterrey Mexico Police Officers.
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