Monday, April 11, 2016

Bomb Search & Identification 2 day course for ESI Rich Roth, Exec. Director CTI Consulting

via CTI Consulting

This course establishes a set of best practices for detection – not disposal – of explosive threats by presenting comprehensive data on bomb incidents targeting corporations and public figures. With a focus on best practices of Prevention, Search, and Evacuation, this course includes thorough treatment of Methods of Search Techniques, Preparation for Threatening Calls, and Personality Profiling. Graduates will obtain a level of technical knowledge that allows them to offer intelligent advice to clients, establish concrete safety procedures, and respond quickly and appropriately during a bomb incident. Topics Covered Identification of Types of Explosives Sources of Explosives Tools of the Trade Commercial and Military Explosives Home Made and Incendiary Devices Triggering Mechanisms Search Procedures: Search of Buildings Evacuation Plans and Threat Management

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  1. Bob Duggan shared CTI Consulting's post.

    A rare but very useful skill for Protection Agents. I have known Rich Roth going on three decades now and he is one of the most knowledgable people in the business. TSCM and Bombs is what he did for the Secret Service, and he now consults and advises major clients worldwide.