Thursday, April 7, 2016

Expert tells Senators ISIS not following al Qaeda’s lead in planning terror attacks | Government Security News

This expert does have a good point al Qaeda only wanted clean non arrested members for the most part, ISIS seems to not care about a criminal back ground, and in fact seem to use it as a qualifier in many cases. I think one has to remember that their are at least two al Qaeda factions out there the main is the Original group of 9/11 and the second is the Cleric out of Alexandria, Va. who sent the second and much easier Fatwa for followers. Al Qaeda Original was more controlling and required planning that assured at a least 75% of success, and only people cleared by them could work in their name. Al Qaeda Lite has none of these restrictions, anyone could use their name, if all you had was a fire cracker, use it to cause chaos in a movie theater. AQ lite also had an online magazine that reached into the homes of mainly youth in their basements, giving them a way to be part of the greater movement. Many followers flock to the new less restrictive AQ lite, and we saw the lone wolves reach out from their basements an try to strike, it gave all of them a name. AQ heavy or original did have lone wolves, like the CIA shooter, but once more the leadership had to approve the attack, and did provide money for it. Who had the better bomb maker was always in play. But in the end AQ lite seemed to have the more innovative more risk takers. Now ISIS had all the good points of AQ lite, plus much better funding and even less restrictions. It is a free for all, ISIS has a online magazine, but it has far less actual bomb and attack lessons, it is more a propaganda piece. Bombers trained by AQ perhaps even heavy as well as AQ lite are found in both ISIS as well as Al Qaeda. It is said the bomb maker used in Paris and Brussels was trained in Iraq or Syria along with 7 others that are still out there. That little team of 8 fanned out to what ever groups needed them. The instructor rumored to be a former Brit Engineer, had trained other classes before and he may in fact be dead himself. The real problem bomb maker that did the under ware bomb and the HP printer cartridge bombs, seems to be either dead or way undercover at this point. In any case he seemed to know his value, so did not train others, or at least as many. But there is a big difference between the two sets of bomb makers, one was very good at making the triggers and actuators, the others seem to be very good at making the mixtures for home made explosives.
from CTI Consulting

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