Friday, April 1, 2016

Feds left 'explosives' material aboard school bus after training exercises, parents told | Fox News

This happens, the training material or aid's are not dangerous, even when a plastique explosive is used, it is harmless until an active military grade blasting cap is inserted into the explosive. The French Airport Police put a training aid of active Semtex in a passenger's luggage it was not picked up due to a real bomb threat at the time, and the Passenger found it when unpacking in another country. In fact these training materials are used all over the world, training K-9's is tricky and the handlers all need to train in every environment they may face in real life. That type of training is what has kept thousands of lives safer over the years. In most cases the training aids are inert and can not be used as an explosive, other times the training aids are just the wrappers that used to hold explosives and retain the smell. Of the thousands of training assignments carried out all over the USA and World, there are bound to be mishaps like this. I know of over 100 or so in a 35 year period, and no one has ever gotten hurt over it.
from CTI Consulting

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