Wednesday, April 13, 2016

FOTOS integrantes del Cartel del Golfo ~ Valor por Tamaulipas

Meet the Golfo Cartel, some look like bad guys, others like the kid next door, M100 looks a lot like Senator Cruz. When things get hot some of these folks come over the border, some actually have homes in the McAllen area. Usually held in the name of a family member or girl friend, or in two cases locally in the maiden name of the wife. Coming over to the US for the day, week, or month is not all that hard, they can make up new identities, and as long as the identity does not flag with fingerprints or other captured biometric, then they can come and go fairly freely. Others are in the US Data Basis, and come in usually by some illegal means. During the last big battle for control of the Reynosa Plaza, a prime drug and human smuggling crossing point, high ranking members of both factions when wounded, or just needed to hide for a while, lived in their homes in the Mission, Rio Grand City, and even McAllen area. One was caught the rest went back to Mexico for a while to try and take back control of their turf. Some lost and came back to the US, some rumored to be living in Austin, Houston, and Dallas Texas. Others rumored to be in Chicago and points north. The point to be made here is these criminals do not change their spots when they come over the border, they are still violent folks, used to getting their way, and if they do not, act out quickly and dangerously. Most of the time the event will be called domestic violence, or a simple bar fight, or some other report that can be swept under the rug. The victims know not to put up a complaint or they will get hurt worse than they already have, like disappeared over the border, just another American missing in Mexico. We can hide our heads in the sand and keep saying there is not a problem here on the US side of the border, or that even in Mexico things are fine, but it is not. As reported in a 2013 Texas Department of Public Safety security assessment, there is a large unreported crime in the Border Cities of Texas, and that is a fear, that the people live with, it does not show up on the FBI crime stats, nor even in local police reports, but it is here. Yes we need to keep after ISIS and those terrorists from the Middle East, but we also need to stop ignoring the huge terrorist problem in Mexico, that has permeated over the Border, and as DEA says is in every major city in the US. Yes it is the Drug Cartels, but it is also the Corruption of the Mexican Government, who takes the tax money from all the trade deals going on between the US and Mexico, and does nothing to help the Mexican Citizen, but uses it to further the corruption of the Mexican Political Elites. Take just one issue gun running into Mexico from the US, yes it is happening, but Mexico makes far more guns in country than it ever gets from gun running. They have on again off again law suites with Major Gun Manufactures like H&K over royalty payments. H&K knows that Mexico is making 3 to 5 times the weapons they pay royalties on. Yet, Mexico will hold a carrot out to H&K to buy weapons directly from them, if the legal issues are made to go away or at least be delayed for years. Yet no one wants to cross those issues with Mexico, we need to wake up and see what is really happening across the border, and how it has effected us in the USA.
from CTI Consulting

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