Monday, April 11, 2016

Free Rein: Gulf Cartel Used Heavy Machinery to Remove Police Camera Network near Border

If you want to know who controls Reynosa, the Gulf Cartel actions over the weekend erased all doubt. one of the cameras was right outside of the local Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office. The Cartel brought in heavy equipment and not only brought down the cameras, they destroyed the network infrastructure used to make them work. Mexico never really got them on line, and during installation the the technicians had to be under armed escort. The Cartels had their own camera system installed a while ago, and then the Mexican Government came and took the ones they could see down. Some thinks this is payback. Interestingly enough the Cartel is rumored to have hacked both the US and Mexico cameras already, so the point of taking down the cameras is What?
from CTI Consulting

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