Monday, April 11, 2016

Lets talk the basic OODA loop, and how you can use it for quick action planning, or even longer action planning.

via CTI Consulting

 Observe What is going on Orient yourself to what is going on, then Decide your next act, then Act. The process was developed by a fighter pilot, as the thought process in getting into a fight with another aircraft. Everything happens in seconds, if not milli seconds, and then the situation changes, if you look at the full OODA loop it now has arrows going everywhere. But the simplest way is to do another OODA loop process. Basically with the full processing time getting shorter and the OODA loop getting smaller.

Not the greatest way to show the OODA loop, but try this, as you come into danger, you Observe the situation, you Orient your position in the situation, you then make a Decision, like in an active shooter situation, to Run, Hide, or Fight, then Act. Let's say you hide, your next OODA loop process should be, Observe the action of the shooter, Orient yourself in the new situation, Decide what to do next, stay hidden, run (probably your best option) or fight, then Act. While you hid on the first loop, you can see some options to run as the shooter is busy, so perhaps run is the answer. Or you may decide to fight, at least long enough to get distance from the shooter, so you pick up things to throw and fight with. Once you decide, then ACT.

But you must always be thinking of your OODA loop before situations develop. Like if I have to run where am I going, if I have to hide, where, and is it cover or concealment, or fight, remember you just need to fight enough to get by the shooter, so you can run.

Try it you will like it.

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