Thursday, April 7, 2016

Mass shooting plot: FBI arrests Milwaukee man accused of planning attack at Masonic temple |

On the front lines in this war on terror in the USA, are many like Samy here, who had a plan A of going to Israel and fighting against the IDF, but then opted for plan B a Masonic Temple. He then conducted recons on the Temple visiting it a few times, conducted survallance, developed a plan, then, decided that he needed more people, recruited two more people, gave them the plan, down to the holding the lobby and the escape from the shooting. His larger plan folded into a bigger ISIS goal of causing distrust and fear. The bigger states and towns have larger police departments, but smaller towns have limited resources but still must provide the services to their Citizens for protection. In a statement to the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Poiice Chief Wally Sparks Chief of Police Everest Metro Police Department Weston, Wisconsin, shows what many do not realize, that many smaller towns around the USA have to make this work somehow to fight terrorism. As he stated in his testimony: 49% of all police departments in the USA have 10 or less sworn officers. Small Police Departments have 60% of all the Law Enforcement Officers in the US, 86.2% of Local Police Departments have less than 50 Sworn Officers. This is truly our front line, CTI is one of the companies that works with these and larger Police Departments around the world and in the USA to include Sheriff Departments, to give them every edge over the terrorists. Let us work with your Department, it will keep us all safer.
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