Sunday, April 10, 2016

Narcocorridos: Ballads Of The Mexican Cartels : NPR

Out City leaders on the Texas side of the border across from Reynosa Mexico keep telling us how good and safe it is on the other side of the border, yet as you walk down the streets of Reynosa, you can hear these Singers singing songs of how romantic it is kill other people, how ambushing another Cartel is such a good thing. By the way these songs and singers are on the McAllen side of the border as well. Speaking to some of our youth, they admit they often play these Narcorridos Ballads. They think it is sexy and out of the edge, one Hispanic child said it made her proud to be a Mexican, because the Cartels scare the normal US citizen. This stuff has to stop, I am not sure, perhaps we can ask the Black Ministers that fight the same thing from the on the edge rappers. You want to make a start at stopping the drug violence, get Wallmart to stop selling the CD's. They have stopped sell some, but others, many others are still out there. In one shooting, and many more have happened, a motorist was playing one of these CD's and pulled up to a red light next to a bar run by a rival Cartel, a person stepped up to the car and shot at the driver and passengers. In LA this has happen more than once and if you mistakenly drive into the wrong part of town in South Texas in can and does happen here.
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