Friday, April 8, 2016

News from The Associated Press

2 dead, the initial headline are Active Shooter, sort of the call to arms of the Press these days, today I will be giving a talk at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. The talk is about active shooters, but it is more about stepping up the game on them. People that have been familiar with my talks for the last few years are aware of my push to find bad guys before they act. This can be terrorists, rapists, deranged gunmen, bombers, workplace violence, even purse snatchers. All have pre-event activities, for a purse snatcher, it is finding a location or block that works for them, then it is looking for the most opportunistic victim going by. Just standing or walking by they can often be detected by being aware of the interest they show in someone. Like when I teach executives security awareness, they report seeing people being followed or targeted, but other people. This happens because the person targeting you for an event, is watching you, not the people around them, leaving them open to be seen by other security aware people. So in many cases we will see the bad guys targeting others, and we need to report it, just like it was going to happen to us. The police may not be able to do much about that report or anonymous phone call you make, but when tied with other reports and phone calls, can at least look into the guy. If the officer has been taught by CTI or someone like us, they will be able to talk to the person, and elicit as much information as they can, perhaps enough for an arrest, or perhaps enough for digging a little deeper into the now suspect. Of they could find nothing and leave him alone. Security guards can also be taught these techniques, to dispel a threat to a mall or other facility. And as today when I talk, it can be you that can find the next Active Shooter, before they strike. Remember most Active Shooters, have conducted pre event surveillance, planning and even rehearsals of some type, just like the terrorists do, perhaps not as long or extensive, but often detectable if you are security aware.
from CTI Consulting

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