Saturday, April 16, 2016

Reynosa’s cartel violence leaves McAllen residents in fear, report says - La Voz

The Texas DPS conducted a risk assessment of Texas in 2013, in this Eye opening report, this fear that people living in the Rio Grande Valley, in towns like McAllen was brought front and center. It is not something that shows up on the FBI crime stats, nor the local Police. If you talk to local residents of these towns, the concern about the Cartels is not far from the front of everyone's minds. People that have lived here all their lives raise concerns of traveling to certain areas of towns, and try and get home before dark. Even high profile communities have often become part of the Cartels zone of influence, where sales, storage, and in some cases homes of mid to high level Cartel members can be found. In Cimarron alone over 7 raids have occurred, everything from vast amounts of money, drugs and suspected heads of Cartels homes have been successfully brought down. The DPS report has recommendations for changes to the FBI Crime Reporting methods, changes that will reflect the real problems the Citizens of Texas are facing, like increased gang activity, tied directly to the major Cartels.
from CTI Consulting

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