Sunday, April 10, 2016

Swiss banks face scrutiny over Panama Papers

Both old and New Money families are really hoping this just goes away before they are caught up in it. Politicians on the other hand realize the criminal aspects of this may not be to bad for them, but the political damage could be huge. The big money will lose money, the Politicians will lose jobs. What should be watched the most are the big bankers, the ones not liquid for cash are going to have a difficult time just paying fines and such. Plus if they used any of their banks funds to play fast and loose, then they could see bad things on the horizon, I wonder if President Obama is ready to bail out any banks found playing games here. The Panama Papers have been out a while, so most of the investigations have been going on for a while, now next is who is going to have to pay the piper for bad dealings.
from CTI Consulting

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