Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Philosophy of Security: We need to understand that more money thrown at the Border may not be the answer, better management would be more effective

There is this rush by both sides Republican and Democrat to make the answer to all our Terrorism and Border Problems, simple give them more money. I think we need to pause and think first, as shown by the testimony at a recent Senate Homeland Security Committee, Management seems to be the problem not more money at all times. Yes budgets are important, but it is like a scam we see often on TV you give money, yet less than 10% gets to the people that need it. The same is happening in our Government, CBP asked for and got more money for overtime, with the largest portion going to management not the Agents in the field. Bill Bratton of New York is crowing that the new Mayor he works under has provided more police and upped his budget, but all the people see is a huge rise in crime since he started. They are using more Police with less and less effectiveness. But this has been a hallmark of Bratton all along his career, more is better. He is a good Police Chief and really was at the forefront of new policing practices, at least when he started. He needs to think of how to get more effectiveness out of his police, which is a management issue. All our Defenders do, bigger Government is not the answer. We need to take a real hard look at what we are doing on this war on drugs and war on terror. We need to think smarter, The bad guys are.
from CTI Consulting

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