Wednesday, April 6, 2016

We are being told we have no security against these Terrorist attackers. This is just not the case

They have to expose themselves numerous times to carry off an attack. Good planners could take months, the Paris and Brussels folks took weeks and months to plan attacks, they were a year into the planning of the Nuclear facility in Brussels. The events used for the planning shown here are just the ones that they must use to expose themselves. There are others that Law Enforcement can use to track funding as well as telephone and data traffic. But before Bang when the event starts off, it does not matter what kind of event, like a bomb or weapons attack theses pre event will happen and we have a chance to catch them during each one..aption
via CTI Consulting

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  1. Terrorist planning is how we catch them, if we know the Target we can work out from there to find them conducting survallance, there are very few methods these terrorists are using, so that puts detecting them even easier.
    By the way, simple assaults, purse snatching, all require for the most part some planning. The person conducting the assault has to find a spot they think they can get away with it, as does the purse snatcher. The planning may only take seconds, but it does take planning.