Friday, May 20, 2016

Edinburg officer indicted in connection with drug conspiracy - The Monitor: Local News

This is a continuing problem with Law Enforcement both local and Federal assocated with border drug crimes. I think what people need to remember this is a very very small percentage of the Law Enforcement here in the Valley. There is a fact we all have to deal with, that around 5% of any organazation will have tendancies to do bad things, this has worked out for Priests, Police, and of course our elected officials. This just means we like everyone else need to keep a watchful eye on those around us. Insider threats are the hardest to detect and deal with, but deal with them we must. I think what the Border Patrol leader said in his press release is correct. They have dealt with him and will move on, it is not just a RGV problem, we see it happen all over the world. So good job in catching these folks, and we are behind our law enforcement 100%, we like them will just keep an eye on them, and us.
from CTI Consulting

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