Saturday, May 21, 2016

FBI — Kansas Man Pleads Guilty in Plot to Explode Car Bomb at Airport

When you are talking insider threats, one of the classic one's in aviation is the Wichita Airport Bomb Plot, an employee of a repairmen for plane avionics with a valid badge, turned Catholic, from Protestant, then to Muslim in the space of a number of years. He really got into the Islamic Jihadist movement in a big way, spending a lot of time on FaceBook visiting and talking about Jihad, and what he could do for the cause. His activities sparked the interest of FBI Agents, who became friends and co-attackers. He delayed his attack until he could upgrade his badge access to the airport, and allow him to drive a vehicle onto the airport proper. His plan was to drive a vehicle up to a Jetway extended to a jet while boarding, and blow up the vehicle along with Jetway and Airplane. This would have made the Brussels attack, look like child's play. The FBI was working with Airport Security long before the planning phase of the attack was really started. TSA and the Airports are constantly working to vet and re vet anyone with a badge to an airport. A lot of barriers have come down, so that information from one Government Agency and or State and Local Agencies can access the needed information, to help keep us all safer.
from CTI Consulting

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