Monday, May 16, 2016

How do you fire the TSA?

The TSA's problems persist despite their best efforts. As much as the agency has been promoting PreCheck as a means to speed travelers through screening, we really haven't seen the public take advantage of it. Nor has their push for better technology led to shorter wait times. The other side of that coin is TSA presence at major sporting events. Protecting the DNC or RNC is one thing. The Super Bowl is quite another. When you're being stretched thin, the smart move is to consolidate and focus on your core mission, not expand even further. 2016's perfect storm of summer travelers, checked bag fees, and staff shortages may push more airport operators to dump the TSA. At some point, when enough of hem have moved to private screening, TSA will be relegated to an oversight role like the FAA was pre-9/11. (TH)
from CTI Consulting

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