Friday, May 20, 2016

Lets Talk about an Airplane One if you look at the tail section both horizontal and vertical stabilizers are located there. If you lose control of the tail, bad things happen, and usually very quickly Now a small bomb located near this section of the plane or along its control and signaling lines, could and probably would lead to loss of control of the plane, almost totally. Now when searching a plane coming from Countries like Egypt, that has less than a great security record, the people actually researching the plane are normally folks from that airline, and in this case since the airline is owned by the country, but their people, who probably do not think a co worker would attack them, so that area around the tail section, I would doubt would be searched much if at all. The search would concentrate on the Passenger cabin, where it is thought an outsider would put a bomb. So a small device placed in the tail section of the plane would probably go un noticed. I am not sure of a solution to this, but I would suggest you fly US Airlines when ever possible. To search a plane properly from stem to stern would take hours, in fact it could take a day or more. So these searches talked about on the turn around from Egypt to Paris and back again, would have to be suspect. Even with US Carriers, you have to worry about the plane and its security when on the ground in a foreign country. Most US Airlines keep a pretty good security watch on their planes, but I hope they increase it a bit for the near future.

via CTI Consulting

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