Friday, May 20, 2016

Mexican Cartel Kidnaps U.S. Citizen in Texas, Sneaks Him Across Border Into Mexico

This happen in McAllen Texas the next town over, the numbers are staggering, both the official numbers and the unofficial numbers, which work out to between one and two kidnappings a week on the US side of the border, most are taken over to Mexico and ransom demands are fast and must be answered fast or the victim is cut usually an ear, or finger, and then one last demand at then depending on who the kidnapper is, just killed and dumped, or sometime released. Negotiations are at such a fast pace that no professional negotiations take place, which maybe a good thing for these victims, most of the kidnappings are not professionals and they just assume Police in the US are involved if any type of what appears to be professionals talk to them, so they kill and move on to the next victim. As long as the ransom stays under 100 thousand dollars, and often in the 20 to 50 thousand dollar range, it is easier to just pay it. For a while in 2014 to 2015 ransoms in the millions of dollars had been asked, in one 2 million was paid and all they got back was a body. Thankfully ransoms of those numbers are not seen that often near the border. Near central Mexico they are still seen, but those are much more professional kidnappers, if there is such a thing (and there is) that are prepared to keep victims for months even a year, and Pro's are brought in to deal with them. Most border kidnappers, take the victim north for a few miles to see if the border has been alerted and looking for them, then scouts are sent out that keep an eye on the crossings to see which is the best to use. Most of the time the US side is not actively looking at departing vehicles, even walkers going to Mexico. The Mexican side is rarely looking at all, in fact the walkers just put coins in a turnstile and are never talking to anyone. Yes kidnap victims are sometimes walked into Mexico, not often. but enough to make it a standard practice. For a while paid scouts would just put up flags are pieces of cloth on sign posts to warn or tell people heading for Mexico if that crossing was being watched by US Border Agents, it is not used as much now days. The Mexican Police Cameras at the borders are often compromised by the Cartels so they could see what was going on. Mexico has added more security on some of the cameras, and the Cartels just had big machines push the camera poles over, during the day if you can believe it. We have pictures, the Cartels had a very good CCTV system of their own, may still, but the old one was found out and most of the over 100 cameras in just the Reynosa area removed. It is rumored that they have some of the US cameras compromised as well both Federal and Local systems. I think the Federal folks have upped their game and ended any chance of being compromised, but local Police do not seem to have the resources to make it happen, or to stop it from happening for long. Cartels are quickly learning the value of good cyber hackers. The pay is good but the dangers are pretty high. The last great communications guy/hacker from McAllen is still in witness protection it is rumored. He ran the Zeta Cartels communications network for years from his shop in McAllen.
from CTI Consulting

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