Sunday, May 22, 2016

Police Investigate Firebombing At Google Headquarters « CBS San Francisco

All Protecton Specialists need to watch for what this investigation shows. Back in the 70's and 80's a Paris Group used to have a large grudge against computers in general, sort of an anti Gerorge Orwiel computers are taking over the world. They targeted computers all over France, and other parts of Europe, not really sure of what computers looked like, they bombed some computers, but also some copiers, a phone PBX, as well as other electronic equipment. If another group like this is in motion, all of the cyber firms are going to need to work together and trade intelligence information. Any arson event points to folks that are not adverse to violence, and often like it. This was a pretty poor attempt of firebombing, so would tend to be at new or start up person or organzaton, and even a posible disgruntaled customer. The key here is to investigate till the motive is found out.
from CTI Consulting

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