Monday, May 16, 2016

Two mothers accused of smuggling drugs said their children’s lives were at risk - The Monitor: Local

I could be wrong but this looks like cross border violence to me. Threats,extortion,this is the fears,border citizens on both sides of the border face everyday. Know one wants to talk about it,and it only comes out when someone is caught. Everyone here in the valley, know someone that has been approached by Cartel thugs or their gang affiliates to commit some criminal act. Sometimes it is nothing more than giving a ride back over the border to a Cartel or Gang Member. Usually vehicles are not checked by either side when going into Mexico, so sort of a no harm no foul situation. But it is like dealing with spy's if they can get you to do one little thing then they push for more. In these two cases the bad guys already had an in, and forced the issue with threats. Here in the US we would go to the Police many times, but rarely is that a good move in Mexico, or even in the US when dealing with Cartels. Once again lets go back to the Cold War Spying problem. People could not understand why they could often not get a clearance if they had family in the Soviet Union, it was because of the Soviets constantly threatening people in the US that their families would be hurt if they did not do what the Soviet Spy wanted. By the way this is a huge problem for the (refugees) coming over from Syria and other Nations with ISIS control. They may mean well, but if threatened by violence to family members still in those ISIS controlled countries, they would most likely give in. We find the same here, one that is used a lot is our Kids going over to Mexico, they are kept until payments are made, some quite low like a few thousand dollars. I happens way to often, but no one hears about it till, someone gets hurt, and even then families try to keep it hidden.
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