Saturday, May 28, 2016

VIDEO: Gulf Cartel Forces Kidnappers to Confess, Kills Them

This may turn out to be an interesting turn of events, on the face of it the New Local Gulf Cartel Leader is saying the his crew does not kidnap people, that they are just simple drug dealers. Below the surface it appears that a small group of young men struck out on their own to stage a kidnapping. The one million peso ransom is in keeping with the size of local ransom amounts. Or around 60 thousand dollars US. Killing the victim is also in keeping with the local amature kidnapping style. For a while some ransome's had jumped up into the 2 million US dollar amount, one was a miss the other was returned as a dead body. Before I would belive that these Cartel members have given up on kidnapping, I would look for some short term motive, like doing away with this little group, and putting on a show for the public inkeeping with the local election moves. Once the elections are over, and the demand for more income to the Cartel payroll is needed, I will assume the Cartel will pick up the lucrative kidnapping trade again. People need to realize the Cartel's are in business to make money, and in a violent business, if you can not make payroll, it will be resolved by violence. Little things like a ban on kidnapping (a lucrative business) will not stay in place. Or if it does another group like these young men, kids really, will ban together for another attempt. Young turks wanting to make money like the cartel's do, will find a trade, like Kidnapping to get a piece of the pie.
from CTI Consulting

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