Sunday, June 12, 2016

50 dead in Orlando nightclub terrorism attack, state of emergency declared - Orlando Sentinel

Information is still coming in, but looking at Google Earth, it would appear that the exits required for over 200 people may not have been up to code. As always when you arrive at a location like this you need to find the exits. Try to never get trapped in areas that do not have exits, other than the main entrance. There is still some confusion over the motivation of the attacks, the Shooter is rumored to have shouted out Militant Islamic Extremists comments, but is also rumored to be anti gay, which actually is part of the Militant Islamic Extremists agenda as well. Even moderate Islam has condemned any homosexual activities, and in most Islamic run countries any homosexual activities are outlawed. Which is one of the reasons to fight Sharia Law practices some American Cities are trying to accommodate. Lastly all night clubs need to conduct a risk evaluation based on last nights events, and Gay night clubs need to take that factor into the risk evaluation. This club had an armed police office near the entrance, who was targeted as soon as he engaged and forced back, with it is believed injuries from a gun fight. Armed Security even Police Officers are considered to be a high level of security, but a single officer with any type of weapon is at a decided disadvantage if the gunman comes in with the weapon already drawn and is shooting. Even shooting at an active shooter can be dangerous if innocent bystanders are around them. The Security or Police officer has to make and on the second analysis of, is the risk of hitting innocent by standers, greater than letting the shooter continue.
from CTI Consulting

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