Saturday, June 25, 2016

END OF THE EU? Germany warns FIVE more countries could leave Europe after Brexit | World | News | Da

This has been coming for a while, and England was the one everyone else was looking at. England never seemed to be totally on board with the EU, and many of it's citizens did not feel part of the Group. Then when England looked at the direction it was going they started to feel like the third wheel. There are some real problems to overcome, but not insurmountable. For us in Security, the chaos will provide big holes in England's security that all types of criminals can and most likely will exploit. When in Chaos most decisions will be made to resolve the issue quickly, so they can move on. This is what the bad guys are looking for. The other countries will also have chaos problems, but the ones that are actively looking at what they could gain from breaking away, are going to have to look at these with in the expanding Chaos. Look for bad guys getting ID's that are not fully checked out. Many EU ID holders traveled and are staying in England at the moment, one of the big decisions that England will need to make is what status are these non England but are EU ID holders. Look for bad decisions to be made on both sides of the situation. The question of What Ireland and Scotland will do will only add to this Chaos. Bottom line we in the US have to look at all EU and England travelers with a harder look for the next year or so and watch out for overstays hiding out in the US.
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