Saturday, June 25, 2016

FBI — Investigative Update Regarding Pulse Nightclub Shooting

There is still much to be revealed in the Orlando Terrorist Shooting, but the FBI Website provides us with the most factual information released to date. But even then there is a lot more to know, for trainers of Security and Law Enforcement. For instance the Shooter was trained with a handgun which type is not know for sure yet, but there are no reports of training at all with long guns, and he apparently only bought the weapon used that week of the shooting. There is a call to install Metal Detectors at the entrance to all night clubs, yet from what has been released the shooter exited the van with weapons at the ready, and was almost immediately confronted by the Security (Off Duty Police Officer). The Shooter was able to make it into the Night Club for a short time and the additional Police Officers showed up to confront and where able to drive the Shooter back into a restroom. The situation was then deemed a Hostage Situation, this time frame is still be determined, but could have been as short as 8 min, or as long as 35 min. The rifle used is based on a short rifle or carbine type size, with an over all length of between 28 to 36 inches in length, with a barrel length of between 9 to 16 inches. The standard magazine holds 30 rounds. The rifle is over one thousand dollars in a basic configuration and the magazines are about 50 dollars a piece from the manufacturer. Sales of the Weapon show it does normally cost around one thousand two hundred dollars, and the magazines can be as low as twenty dollars a piece. It is interesting that the caliber of the weapon has not been stated by law enforcement yet, the 223 round is the most talked about, but this weapon comes in a number of different calibers to include 9 mm to 5.56 like a round often found in an Ak-47. Since it has been associated with an AR15 it has been assumed that the caliber was a 223 type round. It has a nominal rate of fire in the semi automatic version of 45 rounds in one min. So with a high powered ..223 round in a 16 inch barrel, it would most likely continue through a person and possibly hit or bounce off something like the floor and wound or kill another person. The weapon jammed at least once, but was apparently cleared by the shooter fairly quickly, which can be tricky when involved in a fire fight, it can be tricky when it happens at a gun range. Pointing to more knowledge of the weapon that one would expect in a few days from buying it, or a lot of just dumb luck. More Questions? No real comments have been made on the victims wounded and dieing in the Club. But it would appear that the weapons fire and possible explosives he was said to have had, kept the Police and EMT at bay. LA California, has one of the best First Responder Programs in the US, with EMT teams ready to go in to some fairly dangerous situations to help the wounded and get them to aid. It is not apparent if Orlando has worked on this type of EMT program or not, many larger US Cities, and quite a few smaller Cities have at least basic programs started. It is hard to tell if more lives could have been saved or not with this type of first responder program in place. The threat of explosives can change protocols for responders drastically. G4s is a very large security firm and as we have seen in the Homeland Security Agent charged with a plot to assassinate higher up Homeland Security Officials, with large numbers it is quite possible for bad guys to slip through the cracks. Still more questions need to be asked about this issue as well. The FBI is still conducting reviews into the actions it took with the information provided by associates of the shooter, and from others in his mosque and the gun shops involved. I would keep an eye on the effect his high profile father had on any actions taken. As stated, their are a lot of questions still unanswered, so updates will be coming.
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